We are dedicated to ensuring safety is paramount for all staff, services users, volunteers and partners. Our safeguarding policy is available on request along with further documentation on Health and Safety at work, Lone Working and Data Protection. 

We want to be confident our service delivery always has safety in mind and will self audit regularly, looking for areas of improvement, lessons learnt and practice that sits in line with our core values


We endeavour to respect each and every individual's background, thoughts, feelings and views. We embrace and celebrate equality & diversity and understand how crucial respect is when building and maintaining positive relationships. Kindness, fairness, equality and honesty run through our delivery. You can expect a warm welcome to our organisation and a service that provides you support with a non-judgemental and inclusive approach.



We are committed to doing what we say we will, offering transparency with service users and professionals, taking accountability and being responsive and reactive to the needs of our community. We will always act in good faith, even when there are difficult decisions to be made. Clear Mind is built on the vision of bringing people back together again, and integrity plays a vital role in ensuring this is done.



We hold dignity very highly throughout the organisation and show it by :

Involving people in decisions relating to their support.

Engaging in positive conversation, however also understanding the need for personal space and boundaries.

Maintaining service user confidentiality (safeguarding concerns exempt)

Promoting and offering choices.

Promoting independence.

Providing a strengths based approach to the work we do.